Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pinto Beans and Rice

Hello everyone. Today I am going to have one of the easiest meals. We are having beans and rice. I am using pinto beans from a bag that were soaked overnight. Usually, I make about three cups of beans. You can used canned beans (any kind that you like) if you prefer. I also LOVE black beans. But , I will save the easy black bean meal for another day. After my beans have soaked I wash them off and then put them in a pot with water to boil for about 2 hours (taste one and stop when they are the consistency you like). I add in some garlic, pepper, and lemon pepper. I would start with a teaspoon of each and then just add more depending on your preference. My husband and I like cayenne but the kids do not so we have it on the side. Then I make 3 cups of rice. I do either minute rice in the microwave or I boil rice on the stove according to package directions. Either way 3 cups is sufficient for 4 adults and two kids. I also dice up two tomatoes, one onion and some shredded cheese ( We get a big block of cheese 5lb for around $10 or so). Then I let every person make their own plate how they like it. I hope that you enjoy it. I love mine with chips and salsa but that is optional.

Have a great day.

"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." ~Abraham Lincoln

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